Jarvis Joins FlipSid3 Tactics Rainbow Six Roster


Jarvis Joins FlipSid3 Tactics Rainbow Six Roster

After a hard season, FlipSid3 Tactics Rainbow Six were eliminated from the third season of Rainbow 6 Pro League in the losers bracket. Chapstick was added to the roster shortly before the start of Season 3 of R6PL. Following the squads result in this most recent season of Pro League, the team felt a change was necessary in order to stay competitive. The squad came to the decision to release Chapstick from the FlipSid3 Tactics Rainbow Six roster. We’d like to personally thank Chapstick for his all of his time and hard work put in on the team, as well as wish him the all the best in the future!

Following careful consideration, FlipSid3 Tactics decided to welcome Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis into the organization as the fifth player on the Rainbow 6 roster. He has a full season of experience in the second season of R6 Pro League, and has collected a number of wins in smaller tournaments as well. Jarvis is known primarily for his fragging and playmaker roles as Twitch, Jäger, and Pulse. Jarvis will round out our roster for both the upcoming relegation matches for the Rainbow 6 Pro League as well as for our upcoming participation in the second season of CCS league. The revitalized squad will make its debut in their first CCS league match which will take place on Friday, October 13th at 8PM EST. F3.Rainbow Six will move forward from this point and we’re excited to see the team progress as a unit and rebound from this last season of Pro League.

Check out Jarvis on Twitter and Twitch:

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support, and hope to come back strong next season for the Invitational!


Kyle “Mint” Lander – Captain

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Owen “Pojoman” Mitura

Adam “ad9m” Ameiche

Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis

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