Flipsid3 Tactics Rocket League Qualifies for DreamHack Leipzig


Flipsid3 Tactics Rocket League Qualifies for DreamHack Leipzig

With a disappointing second half of 2017 behind them, Flipsid3 Tactics Rocket League enters  2018 with renewed drive. Mark “Markydooda” Exton has officially departed FlipSid3, leaving an open position on the Rocket League roster. Yukeo has stepped up to the plate to fill the third spot in time for DreamHack Leipzig.

A revitalized Flipsid3 entered the Dreamhack Open qualifiers with the intention of turning things around. The three-man squad did so spectacularly, showing good team cohesion and communication. From Kuxir97 making ceiling shots to Miztik being, well, Miztik, there were plenty of amazing solo plays to go around too.

DreamHack Open Qualifier Results

At the end of the day, the FlipSid3 Rocket League squad recorded a 3-0 win against x6tence. With two five-game series against Fnatic and Guess Who (formerly Mock-It), Kuxir97, Miztik, and Yukeo secured a spot at DreamHack Leipzig

DreamHack Leipzig begins on January 26th with a prize pool totaling $50,000. With so many top teams competing for the first-place prize, this is bound to be a weekend of Rocket League action you’re not going to want to miss. Catch every play over at DreamHack’s twitch.

Get some official FlipSid3 gear, then cheer on the #greenmachine as Kuxir97, Miztik, and Yukeo look to take home the win at DreamHack Leipzig!

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