Yukeo Wins Old Spice Player of the Week


Yukeo Wins Old Spice Player of the Week

New York (8 April 2018) – Following the conclusion of the fourth week of the EU Rocket League Championship Series, Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs has been officially selected as the Old Spice Player of the Week!

The Austrian player had a stellar week of league play that helped push FlipSid3 Tactics Rocket League over the top in both of their matches. Following a quiet opening to the season, Yukeo came alive against Gale Force Esports and Renault Vitality in the Green Machine’s final regular season games. The RLCS rookie managed to rack up a grand total of nine goals across the teams eight games on the day. Yukeo excelled throughout FlipSid3’s matches, showcasing remarkable passing, fantastic positioning, and stunning shooting, all on mouse & keyboard. He managed to come up clutch in every game, helping the European squad secure a 4-3 record on the season.

The team is positioned to head into the Season 5 RLCS LAN qualifier tournament on a hot streak after knocking off both undefeated EU RLCS teams in Renault Vitality and defending World Champions, Gale Force Esports. FlipSid3 Tactics Rocket League showed up the the pitch in full force today, sending Gale Force packing with a clean 3-0 sweep. Renault Vitality proved more of a challenge for the Green Machine, as that series only barely went FlipSid3’s way in a narrow 3-2 contest.

Yukeo, miztik, and kuxir97 all contributed in a huge way to the team’s successes on the day, and it looks like they’ve finally gotten in their groove. With a scheduled bye in the final week of RLCS league play, the FlipSid3 squad looks to come into the playoffs fresh and confident.

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