Announcing F3.Overwatch

Announcing F3.Overwatch

Announcing F3.Overwatch

It is with great excitement that we announce our expansion into Blizzard’s newest title: Overwatch. When we began internal discussion on the next step for Flipsid3 we quickly came to the conclusion that Overwatch was going to be a huge opportunity within competitive gaming. Given our backgrounds with other FPS titles, such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress, it was a scene we knew we had to be a part of. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with many different lineups and while they all brought something unique to the table, we believe we have found something truly special in our current team.

Aleksandr “alex” Kondratovich

Hailing from Estonia, Aleksandr is no newcomer to the scene. Having played Counter-Strike since 2004, he has competed with teams such as DeNoVa and Team8. Aleksandr will be leading our team as captain, and has already demonstrated his leadership and communication skills throughout the weeks of negotiations.

Stepan “Godspeed” Serov

Stepan’s competitive gaming background is quite large for being 22 years old. Having competed in CS 1.6, Quake, Bloodline Champions, and Heroes of the Storm, our Russian aces’ diverse background has lead to his rapid growth in Overwatch. Already considered by many of his peers to be one of, if not the strongest Overwatch player in the CIS region, Godspeed is a name that you will certainly be knowing soon if you already don’t. If you are wanting some help with your skill rating there is an awesome website that does Overwatch skill rating boost.

Aleksandr “JU7SU” Kikkas

Like our other Aleksandr, JU7SU also comes from Estonia. Having won Infinite Crisis World Championships with Na’Vi and Epsilon, we are very excited to see what JU7SU can accomplish under the Flipsid3 banner.

Anton “Fabio” Gorelov

Coming from Russia, Anton is a former Heroes of the Storm player, having played for Team Empire and Mousesports.

Kiryl “Shyyou” Nikalayenka

Having played Team Fortress 2 since 2008, our Belarusian player has served as the shot caller and pocket soldier for his TF2 team for years. We believe much of his skill set will translate nicely to Overwatch and he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Aleksandr “Zun” Zub

Our last but certainly not least of the Aleksandr’s, Zun calls Russia home. Although he is a newcomer to professional gaming, he has been playing out of his mind since he started scrimming with the rest of the squad weeks ago. After several very strong showings he was asked to join the team and we are thrilled for him to be making his professional debut with Flipsid3 Tactics.

And finally we will have Dmitry “Dikker” Borisenkov from Russia serving as our teams sub. Given his background in Team Fortress 2 and close relationship with the rest of the team, we believe he will be an exceptional sub player when required.

“We are ecstatic to join a such well-known Organisation as FlipSid3. With joining the organisation we look to a bright future, which includes bringing our own skill and the Overwatch Community onto a whole new level. I think with FlipSid3 we can show our best game.Thanks a lot for chance.” – alex

“After initially meeting with the team and hearing about each of their different gaming backgrounds, I was very excited. We’re looking forward to our first public showing and making a splash in the emerging competitive Overwatch scene.” – Michael Bramley, Team Manager

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