F3 Counter-Strike Academy League Tournament

F3 Counter-Strike Academy League Tournament

F3 Counter-Strike Academy League Tournament

Flipsid3 Tactics proudly presents:

F3 Counter-Strike: Academy League Tournament!

The tournament has standard MR15/MR3-OT rules and will be running Thursday, June 26th through Sunday, June 29th. The tournament will take place in the form of a double elimination bracket cup, all matches up to the finals will be played as Best of 1 games while the finals will be played as Best of 3 games.

This tournament will be open to all teams wanting to participate which means everyone gets a shot at the prizes. Entering teams are required to have an established roster of at least 5 players. Having a Stand-In is recommended. Once the tournament starts, sign-ups will be closed. If you do not have a Stand-In and find yourself needing one, that is not our fault! For future events teams will be seeded and placed in groups suited to their ability. The tournament will take place on EU servers (Netherlands) provided by our sponsor KnightSwarm (Flexible Gaming), teams will have the responsibility of making sure their ping is acceptable.

There are no other requirements to enter, we hope to see a mix of both established & up-and-coming teams participate in this tournament! We would love to continue hosting tournaments like these in the future!

We will have all tournament matches streamed on Twitch.tv by Andrew “NaughtyWalrus” White who will at times be co-casting with Tim “Hydrox” VallénDaniel “barsiC” Fanous of the F3 roster.

The Showmatch:

At the very end of the tournament the winning team will be playing a showmatch against the F3 lineup:

Tim “Hydrox” Vallén
André “RelIk” Östlund Larsson
Daniel “barsiC” Fanous
Eddie “zape” Härdeman
Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson

The Showmatch will be played as a BO5 with F3 being down one map on Sunday, June 29th at a TBD time. For news and updates follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

The prize pool of €1000 will be distributed as follows:

F3 Counter-Strike: Academy League Tournament:

First place: €500
Second place: €250


First place: €250
Second place: Prizes provided by CSGOLounge will be given to each member of the second place team

Sign up, Rules, General chat & More:

To sign up for the tournament, go to this link HERE and follow the directions in the post. Due to some bugs, we had to close the Sign-Up thread.

We had a sudden influx of sign-ups appear which caused us to hit our max capacity for this tournament! If you didn’t get to sign up for this one, don’t worry, we plan to have another one in the near future!

If at least one member of your team has signed up, don’t panic, we will be in contact via steam to gather other information needed to complete team sign ups!

Check back to this post for updates or follow our FB and Twitter pages above to be kept up to date. For Rules, General chat & More about the tournament you can still go HERE.


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