F3 CSGO Adds Two to Finalize Roster


F3 CSGO Adds Two to Finalize Roster

After the announcement last week of changes coming to the Flipside Tactics CSGO roster, we are very happy to announce the addition of two great guys to round this roster out.  The first addition is the young talented Swedish player, Mathias “Pauf” Köhler.  Mathias has been playing some great CSGO in 2014 and he put on a clinic at ESEC while playing for team Sweden, showcasing why he is one of the best young talents currently in Sweden.  To complete the roster, the veteran Andreas “schneider” Lindberg will be returning to F3 after his stay earlier in 2014.  Andreas and F3 have remained close over the last few months and we are thrilled that he was able to come back under the F3 banner.  Both of these players bring a lot to this team and will help give this squad a major boost moving into 2015.


“It’s a fresh start for all of us and we all feel really good about this new lineup.  I know that we will be more versatile in game, we will have a new game style and I am sure that we will do well in 2015.” – André  “berg” Kjellberg


“2014 was a roller coaster for us within CSGO, with many ups and downs.  However bringing in these two guys has to be one of the biggest ups as they both really help take this squad to the next level.  I hope they can come out of the gate in 2015 to show why they should be considered one of the strongest squads in CSGO.  I am pleased to welcome Mathias to the F3 family and excited to be working closely with Andreas again.” – MJ “Finch”  Executive Director, Flipside Tactics


F3 CSGO 2015 Roster:

  • Simon “Twist” Eliasson
  • André “berg” Kjellberg
  • Erik “zende” Sundeqvist
  • Andreas “schneider” Lindberg
  • Mathias “Pauf” Köhler

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