F3.CSGO Restructuring


F3.CSGO Restructuring

After more than 3 years together and 8 successful Major runs, we announce today a significant restructuring of our CS:GO division. Following extensive discussions with the entire squad and division staff, we have all agreed that it is time to see some changes to FlipSid3’s core 3.

As part of the restructuring, WorldEdit will be designated as inactive and listed for transfer. He has been a core part of the FlipSid3 family since 2015. While our time together is coming to a close, we expect to see him shine anywhere he goes.

Lollipop21k will also be placed on the inactive roster and transfer list. We thank him greatly for his commitment to FlipSid3.

B1ad3 has decided to step down as active IGL, and will utilize his immense experience in his new role as head of our CS:GO division and full time Coach.

Markeloff and Waylander will remain on the active roster, and will return to competition in full force along with 3 new team members following the FACEIT Major.

We look forward to competing again soon and would like to thank our fans for their continued support through the restructuring.

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