F3 CS:GO Takes 1st Place at Gigacon 2014!

F3 CS:GO Takes 1st Place at Gigacon 2014!

F3 CS:GO Takes 1st Place at Gigacon 2014!

This past weekend F3 CS:GO traveled to the first Gigacon taking place in Olson, France. Looking to test the potential of their new roster on a LAN, Twist and crew did nothing but bring their A game throughout the whole event. Taking first place and not dropping a map, they take home a 5,000 Euro first place prize!

The eight team tournament pitted the F3 squad against Heat eSports first, in which F3 won 2-0. In the semi-finals F3 faced Temp.no, once again winning 2-0. The finals of this event featured a great matchup of F3 going up against Team Property. Despite it being a very entertaining match, F3 once again came out on top 2-0 showing some fantastic plays in their first LAN of playing together.

Congratulations to these guys, as they set out to take home a win at Gigacon and did just that. If this is only the start of this roster, the future is bright for this group of young talented players.

Current CS:GO Roster:

  • Simon “Twist” Eliasson
  • André “berg” Kjellberg
  • Miran “dumas” Matkovic
  • Robin “robiin” Sjögren
  • Benjamin “Bendji” Söderena

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