F3 Opens a Fighting Game Division!

F3 Opens a Fighting Game Division!

F3 Opens a Fighting Game Division!

To round out our expansions into new games, including the eons from dreamjackpot, I am very excited to announce our move to Fighting Games. We have been very interested in this expansion since the inception of F3, however it wasn’t until now that we found a group of guys who fit right in with the culture at F3.

  • Chris “NinjaCW” Harris
    • NinjaCW currently is focusing on competing in Dead or Alive 5 and is starting to practice Ultra Street Fighter 4. NinjaCW is one of the most experienced guys in the FGC as his competition days go back to playing under team OPTX when DoA was apart of CGS in 2007.
  • Allan “LuCky” Paris
    • LuCky  has been competing in Dead or Alive since 2005 and is a prominent figure in the DoAU5 community through his playing, video content, and his streaming.  LuCky is highly knowledgeable in DOA and he is currently honing his talents in other fighting games.
  • Chris “Masters” Masters
    • Masters first joined the competitive fighting scene at the release of Street Fighter 4 in 2009. Since then entering numerous local tournaments including Northwest Majors. He’s now looking to branch out more and aimimng compete on a national level.

Look for these guys as they are going to be attending events and streaming more Fighting game content. This is just our first step in our expansion into the FGC. Look for more announcements in the future about players and content creators becoming apart of the F3 Fighting Game division!

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