F3 Rocket League Departs


F3 Rocket League Departs

Sadly, today we have some unfortunate news to share, as we have reached the end of an era. The FlipSid3 Tactics Rocket League squad has chosen to not re-sign with F3 for the 2019 season.

In 2015 with the release of Rocket League, the FlipSid3 fell in love with the game and had a great desire to see it grow into the esport it could be. A few weeks later, we found the team that fit fit our ethos, and we signed Kuxir97, Markydooda, and M1k3Rules. They quickly showed that they were the best players in the world and dominated the scene taking wins during the MLG Pro Circuit and a number of other events. RLCS 1 was an amazing experience for all of our players to get some LAN experience under their belt. After dropping the first match of the tournament, we battled back through the lower bracket with an impressive run, even though we eventually fell just short to iBP Cosmic in the finals. We came back hungrier for RLCS 2 with a revitalized and determined roster of Kuxir97, Markydooda, and gReazymeister. F3 once again had to make it interesting with a loss to go into the lower bracket, but we battled all the way back with back to back 4-1 victories over Mock-it. After over a year of playing professional Rocket League for FlipSid3, Markydooda and Kuxir97 were able to raise the trophy as world champions. Since then, Rocket League has only grown, as has our dedication to it. We have loved seeing the level of play only increase.

The most difficult part with any profession is the ability to remain competing at the highest levels. With the additions of Miztik in 2017 we took home a Dreamhack championship. Then again with Yukeo coming on board in 2018, we were able to make it back to the RLCS LAN finals. We are proud to have been able to continue to adapt over the years and compete in all 6 Rocket League Championship Series to date.  Each of them has been extremely memorable and are experiences that will never leave us.

It is with great sadness that in addition to the departure of the roster we also announce we will not take part in RLCS S7. To all of our fans who have supported us through this journey, we would like to express the utmost gratitude towards you. While this chapter is ending, we absolutely could and would not be here without all of you. Cheers to all of the lower bracket runs, to every Kuxir97 pinch and over-time goal, the epic hand made F3 jerseys at events, and all of the #GreenMachine fans.

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