FlipSid3 Tactics Bids Farewell to Greazymeister


FlipSid3 Tactics Bids Farewell to Greazymeister

The FlipSid3 Tactics Rocket League roster has been on a journey together, but now it seems as though it’s time for that journey to come to an end. Today, we bid Greazymeister farewell by releasing him from his contract, effectively opening the door to a new adventure for everyone involved.

Greazymeister was a valuable player to the Rocket League team. He scored 29 goals in 35 games during the Rocket League Championship Series Season 2 Group Stage Qualifiers and had three assists in three different games. He will always be a member of the FlipSid3 Tactics family and we will miss him dearly. We wish him nothing but the best in whatever the future has in store for him.

As you’ve likely suspected, this leaves an open spot on the FlipSid3 Tactics roster. We’ll be back with more information as to who will become the third cog in the green machine in the near future. Stay frosty!

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