Flipsid3 Tactics Welcomes H1Z1!


Flipsid3 Tactics Welcomes H1Z1!

Today, FlipSid3 Tactics is proud to announce the opening of a new competitive division within our family. Please welcome F3.H1Z1!

H1Z1 is an open-world zombie survival MMO currently in development on Steam by Daybreak Game Company. With an influx of competitive players carving out their own niche within the world, Esports has taken notice, with tournaments already reaching $300k dollars.

This pure Brazilian team love their social media, so visit the H1Z1 team page and hit them up! Also, don’t forget to keep locked in on our own, including Twitter and Facebook for upcoming events, match recaps, and all things FlipSid3!

Here is the current lineup for F3.H1Z1:

  • Tiago “Letti” Letti
  • Lukas “Rabico” Oliveira
  • Gabriel “DALAN” Dalan
  • Écio “Frago” Fragoso
  • Luan “Jon Vlogs” Kovarik

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