Fx3: Finch, Flipside, and the Future

Fx3: Finch, Flipside, and the Future

Fx3: Finch, Flipside, and the Future

Finch & Flipside Tactics

I have always been a big fan of writing down my ideas, thoughts, and goals, if anything it is just a good way for me to organize my thoughts.  For this post I wanted to give everyone a little bit of an insight in the past few months, where things are headed, and what I am hoping to accomplish for both me personally and Flipside as a whole.

For myself, I have been lucky enough to have one of the best years of my life.  I was able to marry my best friend and have one of the best days of my life.  Sure it was stressful at times, but every moment was worth it in the end.  Additionally I have taken more of a leadership role within Flipside as opposed to my initial content creator role.  This has been bittersweet because I thoroughly love working on projects and recruiting talents people to join Flipside, but at the same time I really miss the content.  I hope that I can continue to find a balance between these two things.  However at the end of the day, Flipside is first because I believe we have been doing things right these past few months and I want to keep progressing down this road.

For Flipside, the past few months have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs.  Although I can say it has been mostly ups, there have been a few chances where we came up a little short.  One of the major ups was the expansion into CS:GO that we dove into.  Bringing onboard some passionate people within that scene has been easily one of the best decisions I have made.  People like Foritzio, Kayl, Mats, and Hydrox have really solidified the importance of finding good hardworking people in this or any industry.  Without them, I don’t know where things would be.

Next On Deck: Goals I have for F3

  1. Expansion into a 3rd game.  Right now I feel confident of our ability to work within Dota 2 and CS:GO, but a 3rd game is coming up next.  Personally, I want this game to be Starcraft just due to my personal love of that game.  We will see how things shake out here over the next month.
  2. Website Content.  It is no secret I have been a vocal opponent that our website has been a useless pit since Flipside’s inception.  I still am still not thrilled with it, but I do feel we are nearing a point where it is functional and can begin getting more use out of it.  This will include a number of various initiatives such as:
    1. Written Content.  We will have more written content for the games we are in.  Things such as editorials, breakdowns, and more.  Look for these to start up here soon enough!
    2. F3 Team Match Schedule.  As we grow, I want to keep this a centralized place to list where you can catch our players.
    3. Sponsors.  We need to do a better job of showcasing our sponsors on the site because they are awesome.
  3. Shirts / Jerseys.  Once we get things organized on the team front, I want to start being able to get our players jerseys for events and shirts to sell.  Also other merchandising would be beneficial to F3.  We have some amazing artists that we work with and I really want to do a better job of promoting their work.

I believe all of these goals are things that we can set out to accomplish, they also are ways to continue pushing Flipside forward.  I enjoy being transparent and open to our fans because Flipside was founded out of disgusted about the way eSport organizations were being ran.  Additionally if there is anything you guys want to see Flipside take part in, please reach out to me.  I am always open to entertaining ideas and projects, especially if people want to get involved with our happenings.  Big big thanks to every single person who has supported me or F3, you don’t realize how important even a single person reaching out with something positive can be.

Until next time…

MJ “Finch”


Executive Director of FlipSide Tactics

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