Reforming the FlipSid3 Strife Roster

Reforming the FlipSid3 Strife Roster

Reforming the FlipSid3 Strife Roster

FlipSid3 Tactics is happy to announce the reformation of our Strife team. We had a very strong group that sadly splintered and we said goodbye to two of our players. After a tense couple of days we are happy to announce the team has reformed the roster with the addition of Thatchy and WolfJoe.  We are certain this group will build on the success of the old roster. FlipSid3 Tactics believes very strongly that Strife will become a very popular competitive game, and this roster will be a major contender in the competitive Strife community and will also help grow the game by extension.

The updated F3 Strife roster is:
Ben ‘Thatchy’ Gregory – UK
Christian ‘Relit’ Werner – Germany
Jan ‘WolfJoe’ Kramer – Germany
Johannes ‘Nyhmet’ Sandsten – Sweden
Jules ‘Marleyy’ Bry – France

I had a discussion with these players when they were debating whether or not F3 was the place they should call home. What I learned in that conversation was that this wasn’t your typical group of gamers. They thought about what marketing value, growth potential, and community outreach F3 could provide. This showed me that these guys were not only talented and dedicated, but were true professionals and role models concerned with the eSports community as a whole.  I strongly believe these guys are going to be a top team in Strife for a very long time. I am happy to say that they will be doing it as part of the FlipSid3 Family.

– Hector ‘Frost’ Rosario

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