Rocket League Season 5 Details: Ranking Updates, Rewards


Rocket League Season 5 Details: Ranking Updates, Rewards

The third Rocket League Championship Series was full of heart-stopping moments, but few announcements and matches garnered more anticipation than the announcement of Rocket League Season 5 competitive. Rocket League’s fifth competitive season marks a departure from the developer’s traditional ways in order to streamline the ranking system.

Ranking System Updates

Unlike previous seasons, Rocket League Season 5 won’t have a skill reset period. The change follows four seasons of complaints that the skill reset results in unfair matchmaking as it pits high-level players versus those much lower than themselves. Psyonix hopes that the change will result in an end to poor games.

Rocket League Season 5 Rewards

Like the ranking system updates, earning the season’s rank rewards will be different as well. Previously, rewards were determined based on the highest rank a player achieved. If a player made it to Champion rank for a single game, for example, they received the Champion-level rewards. Rocket League Season 5 departs from that system.

This time around, players must win 12 games per tier while ranked at, or above, that tier. The rewards system will act independently from player skill ratings. As it currently stands, players must win 12 games to unlock Bronze-level rewards, 12 games for Silver-level rewards, and so on. Players who have unlocked their current rank’s rewards will not be able to begin unlocking the next rank’s rewards until they achieve or exceed that rank.

Psyonix is using this season as a test to improve the launch cycles of future seasons. Season 5 is expected to last three or four months.

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