Smooya to Stand-in for iBuyPower Masters


Smooya to Stand-in for iBuyPower Masters

We are disheartened to announce that Denis “electronic” Sharipov was unable to secure a visa to travel to the United States to compete in this coming weekends iBuyPower Masters.  F3 will still be in attendance at the event and will be fielding a stand-in.  We are excited to announce that Owen “smooya” Butterfield will be joining the roster at the 5th member for this weekend.  Big thank you to him for being willing to jump into the squad at such short notice and we are excited to see him perform at this LAN.

iBuyPower Masters features a $100,000 prize pool and is taking place in beautiful Costa Mesa, California on November 12th-13th.  The event serves as a qualifier in which offers 4 teams a chance to move onto competing at IEP Oakland.  If you are in the southern California region, be sure to come check out this event as general admission will be free.  For additional information, such as location and schedule, head over to

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