Welcome to Flipside Tactics.NA

Welcome to FlipSide Tactics.NA Dota 2!

Welcome to FlipSide Tactics.NA Dota 2!

Flipside Tactics is very happy to announce the newest edition to the Flipside Tactics family, Levithian!  Levithian will take up the torch for Flipside Tactics within Dota 2 and play under the banner of Flipside Tactics NA.  This is a particularly exciting time as it will be the first team based in North America to represent Flipside Tactics.

Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins – Middle
Eric “Shredder” Sheeder – Carry
Martin “Sunken” Benthem – Support
Jason “Newsham” Newsham – Support
Russel “Fact//Fiction” Cambell – Offlane
AJ “Dizz” Shaw

Statement from MJ “Finch” – Executive Director for Flipside Tactics: “I am really excited to see what these guys will be able to accomplish.  They have shown some great games thus far, but more importantly have the drive to progress forward.  Flipside Tactics is committed to supporting these guys to help get their game to the next level.”

Come see the guys play in the JankDota Guardian Series up against Goomba!  The match will be played Saturday June 7th at 1:00pm EDT over at http://www.twitch.tv/janktv.

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