Welcome to New F3.ZA Academy Squad!

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Welcome to New F3.ZA Academy Squad!

When we first entered into Counter Strike: Global Offensive, one of our main goals was to help the community grow the best we could.  One of these ititatives were things like the Counter Strike Academy video series over on our YouTube channel.  We also hosted the a F3 Academy Cup in which we put up over 1250 in prizes to upcoming squads.  Moving into 2015, we aim to continue these values and are very happy to announce the newest roster to play under the F3 umbrella.  Please give a warm welcome to F3.ZA Academy, the new F3 Academy squad all hailing from the South African region!

F3.ZA Academy:

  • Jaun ‘Zeo’ Nieuwoudt
  • Matthew ‘dffiaNt’ Morris
  • Connor ‘KING’ Laming
  • Jèan ‘kustoM_’ Herbst
  • Stefan ‘Nefan’ Smit

We are very excited for this project because each of these guys has had decorated accomplishments in the South African region.  On top of supporting these guys in the future events, we also have a big name professional player in the CS:GO scene lined up to help coach this squad.  On February 1st we will announce who this coach is.  We hope that with this support, we can continue to see the CS:GO scene in South Africa continue to grow and thrive with a new wave of talented players.

“I am very happy with this addition to the organization. Having a team for our ‘Counter-Strike Academy’ is very nice and I believe that they will fit right in.  The idea with Flipside Tactics Counter-Strike: Academy was to help people to become better at the game that we all love while having fun. With these guys under our wings, I believe that it will be a great thing for both the Academy, Flipside and the players in question.” – Fredrik “Foritzio” – Founder of the F3 Counter Strike Academy

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