Yukeo Departs F3 to Join Dignitas


Yukeo Departs F3 to Join Dignitas

Effective today, FlipSid3 Tactics is announcing that Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs will be leaving our roster and joining Dignitas.  FlipSid3 Tactics would love to say thank you to Maurice for his time with F3 over the past year and that we have loved to seen his growth as a player.  Everyone at F3 would like to wish him the best in his new endeavor and we look forward to competing against him in the next season of the Rocket League Championship Series.

FlipSid3 Tactics will look forward to our new chapter in Rocket League with Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 upcoming on the horizon.  In the immediate future, we would like to announce the temporary addition of Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke to our roster for next weekends WSOE LAN Final in Las Vegas from January 26th-27th.  We are excited to have him joining Dave “miztik” Lawrie and Francesco “kuxir97” Cinquemani on stage for the LAN finals.  Please stay tuned for our official roster announcement for the upcoming RLCS 7 season and a big thank you to all of our fans who continue to support the FlipSid3 Tactics Rocket League squad.

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