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Counter-Strike: Academy #17 – “The M249″

Welcome to episode 17 of Counter-Strike: Academy – The M249! This week Foritzio talks to us about one of the two machine guns in cs go, the M249. The M249  is purchasable by both teams for the expensive price of…


Counter-Strike: Academy #16 – “MAG-7”

Welcome to episode 16 of Counter-Strike: Academy! Foritzio takes the time to explain the MAG-7 this week, or as some call it, the Swag-7. The MAG-7 is available only to the Counter-Terrorist team and costs $1800 to purchase. And although…


Counter-Strike: Academy #15 – “Sawed-Off”

Welcome to episode 15 of Counter-Strike: Academy! This week Foritzio talks about the Sawed-Off shotgun which is available to the T-side only for the low price of $1200. Although the Sawed-Off is powerful, it’s accuracy and fire rate are low….


Counter-Strike: Academy #14 – “Aim Punch”

Hey all! Welcome to this requested episode of Counter-Strike: Academy! Aim punch has been an issue through most of the Counter-Strike games and it’s one that players want to get rid of. Aim punch occurs when you are shot in…


Counter-Strike: Academy #13 – “XM1014”

Welcome to the newest Counter-Strike: Academy video with Foritzio! This week he continues the heavy weapons category of cs go with the XM1014. Shotguns in general are unique compared to the other weapons of cs go for many reasons. Their…