ICYMI: Crazy Week for FlipSid3 Tactics!


ICYMI: Crazy Week for FlipSid3 Tactics!

FlipSid3 Crossfire Wins Gamescom 2017

To start off our week, FlipSid3 Tactics Crossfire took home first place at Gamescom 2017’s Crossfire Stars: European Finals. Despite going against the toughest European Crossfire competition around in both Serenity and PENTA Sports, the squad managed to win the entire event without dropping a single map! The win secures them a spot at the grand finals in China.

FlipSid3 Tactics CS:GO Wins OMEN by HP Challenge

The boys from Counter Strike: Global Offensive were also present at Gamescom 2017, participating in the OMEN by HP Challenge. This was the second edition of the unique tournament, which pits the top CS:GO teams against each other under the craziest conditions, which are selected by Twitch chat! The F3 CS:GO squad were able to successfully defend their OMEN by HP challenge title against PENTA Sports in the finals.

FlipSid3 Brolynho Wins Lima Salty 4

Meanwhile in Peru, FlipSid3’s Brolynho took home first place at Lima Salty 4! The Capcom Pro Tour event was Brolynho’s very first international tournament win, and he had an incredible run. After being knocked down to the loser’s bracket, he came back through with an incredible loser’s finals set and reset the bracket in the Grand Finals to secure the title.

FlipSid3 alucarD Takes Third at Absolute Battle Street Fighter

In other F3 FGC news, FlipSid3’s alucarD managed to pick up third place at Absolute Battle Street Fighter. He won his way to the Top 8 in the winner’s bracket before being knocked to loser’s by 801 Strider. alucarD fought his way through two more rounds, knocking out both Echo Fox’s JWong and Tempo Storm’s Alex Myers. He finally met 801 Strider once again in the loser’s finals, but was unable to complete the comeback.

FlipSid3 Rocket League Takes Fifth at NBC Universal Open Rocket League

Turning to Rocket League, FlipSid3’s own Markydooda and Kuxir97 competed in the NBC Universal Open Rocket League. This tournament pitted the top Rocket League competitors from around the world against one another in a different format than they’re used to: 2v2! The FlipSid3 duo ran through the upper bracket until the semifinals, where they were sent to the lower bracket by Method. Marky and Kuxir fought hard, but were sent out in fifth place by Mockit Esports.

New FlipSid3 Merch at Meta Threads

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